Dominion Lures Inc. IGFA All Tackle World Length Record Bass

We asked the question: How many negative cues can we remove from a swimbait?

The Dominion lures' patented design was born in the ultra clear waters of Lake Mission Viejo, a trophy bass factory that produces many double digit bass every year, including an IGFA All Tackle World Length Record largemouth bass that was caught on May 13, 2015. George and Marc were able to continually observe many large bass following but not striking the swim baits that were available to them.

The same problem was occurring in the gin clear waters of Lake Havasu, when too often, packs of hungry smallmouth would charge up to a swimbait before turning away because the swimbait did not look realistic or swim naturally enough. The fish were being turned off by a combination of negative cues: squeaky mechanical joints, snakelike swimming motion, small speed range of a natural swimming motion, wrong size, wrong shape, wrong color, and the look of the tail (the paddle tail, boot tail, vortex tail, curly tail). These elements were preventing some of the fish from striking.

The Dominion design overcomes a majority of the limitations that have plagued fisherman for years. Our patented lure will enable you to catch the lunkers that have previously been to wary to bite your swimbait.


patented design

    Dominion Lures ,Inc. introduces: The Control Plane Lure™ Swimbait+Jerkbait+Topwater Combo Model featuring:

    • Ultra natural swimming motion thru a wide range of retrieve speeds

    • Side to side horizontal gliding and a natural orientation when sinking

    • Wakebait and Fleeing baitfish Topwater presentations (see video)

    This Control Plane Lure’s™ state of the art design reaches the pinnacle of lifelike realism in lure motion. Combining :swimbait+jerkbait+glidebait+topwater swimming motions in one lure. In field testing, this bait has performed far beyond our expectations-it just plain catches fish! Experience for yourself Dominion Lures revolutionary Control Plane™ technology in a precision engineered line-thru swimbait. (Made in the USA)

    A dream combination for the sophisticated angler:

  • 01.
    Realistic Motion

    Motions that have to be seen to be believed, all produced with a anatomically correct-soft segmented swim bait. Our design greatly expands the range of realistic motions in a soft segmented swim bait.

  • 02.
    Realiststic Appearance

    Now, any forage fishes natural shape, profile and coloring can be made to swim naturally in soft segmented swim bait

  • 03.
    Realistic Feel

    When the fish hits the lure it bites into a lure that has the consistancy of a real fish. The soft swimbait is ideal from a look and feel perspective.

  • 04.
    Realistic Orientation

    Have you dreamed of a swimbait that swims at slow or fast speeds and and can stay orientated as it glides horizontally, up or down? Dominion's Control Plane Lure ™ maintains lifelike orientation and action as you put it through the paces.