Dominion Lures Inc. IGFA All Tackle World Length Record Bass

In the Beginning God said, “…take dominion over the fish…” Genesis 1:26

Let’s face it, catching fish is getting tougher. The small changes and variations of the same old lures made by the big tackle manufacturers are not as effective anymore. Dominion Lures, Inc. patented Control Plane™ technology is a truly innovative concept in lure design that literally changes the game. Control Planes™ change the fluid dynamic vortex, turbulent, and laminar water flows around the lure creating natural motions unachievable with conventional lures. Whether you like to throw a swimbait, jerkbait ,topwater or dropshot-Dominion Lures, Inc. has a Control Plane ™lure for you. Check out our videos to see what each model will do at the end of your line:

Dropshot Swimbait (See Video)

- newest model The first swimbait specifically designed for one of the most popular techniques in bass fishing. Unique features:

• Made from buoyant TPE plastic that allows the angler to set the height of the lure to float above rocks, grass, and line cutting mussels

• Our Control Planes™ prevent lure spiraling on the way down to minimize line twist and create a subtle, realistic swimming motion through a wide range of speeds.

• Shorten the dropshot leader length to create a unique “crankbait like” presentation featuring deflection and rebounding to trigger reflex strikes with a floating swimbait

• Combinations of swimming, gliding, and hovering retrieves not possible with paddletail swimbaits

Now, the dropshot angler has a true swimbait option not available with standard dropshot lures.

Fish any depth without line twist, keep your lure above snags and in the strike zone, cover more water and target bigger fish with a first of its kind Dropshot Swimbait from Dominion Lures, Inc.


patented design

    Combo Model –Topwater (See Video)

    (Rig this model with the included teeny, tiny 1/64thoz. bullet weight for the floating topwater version) Check out all these fish catching features:

    • Erratic side to side topwater walking action instead of the always predictable and unnatural back and forth motion of conventional walking topwaters

    • Vary the retrieve from a walking topwater to a straight swimming retrieve -this presentation is not possible with any other topwater bait!

    • Realistic tail kick and flexing in a jointed/segmented lure

    • Increased hook-to-land ratio of a line-thru rigged swimbait

    This is a special topwater bait. It’s a big time fish catcher, and visually exciting to fish.(Made in the USA)

    Combo Model Swimbait+Jerkbait (See Video)

    (same lure as the Topwater Model with more weight for a sinking version- 1/8th oz. torpedo weight- included)

    • Unique features include:

    • Performs Jerkbait and Swimbait retrieves in the same cast

    • Wide, side to side gliding

    • Natural orientation when sinking

    • Performs a common fish locomotion called “Burst and Coast” swimming that cannot be duplicated with paddle tail swimbaits.

    • High speed topwater

    A dream combination for the sophisticated angler:

  • 01.
    Realistic Motion

    Motions that have to be seen to be believed, all produced with a anatomically correct-soft segmented swim bait. Our design greatly expands the range of realistic motions in a soft segmented swim bait.

  • 02.
    Realiststic Appearance

    Now, any forage fishes natural shape, profile and coloring can be made to swim naturally in soft segmented swim bait

  • 03.
    Realistic Feel

    When the fish hits the lure it bites into a lure that has the consistancy of a real fish. The soft swimbait is ideal from a look and feel perspective.

  • 04.
    Realistic Orientation

    Have you dreamed of a swimbait that swims at slow or fast speeds and and can stay orientated as it glides horizontally, up or down? Dominion's Control Plane Lure ™ maintains lifelike orientation and action as you put it through the paces.